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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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nicklin this case -- thanks for your time, my colleague, kate snow is picking things up in new york. >> thank you very much, here are the top three stories we are following at this hour. president obama is denouncing conclusions by the cia, he's calling it a bipartisan group of lawmakers and he's calling it wrong as a bipartisan group calling for an investigation. yesterday on fox news on sunday, trump was asked about the cia report. >> why would the cia put out the story that is the russians wanted you to -- >> i am not sure that they put it out. democrats put it out because they suffered the greatest defeat in politics and they are putting it out. it is ridiculous. we need to get back to make america great again and it is
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what we needed to do. we started the process. >> boeing announced a $16 billion deal to sell planes to iran. the agreement will support tens of thousands of jobs here in the united states. we are monitoring the latest development from trump tower. president-elect trump is continuing to meet possible cabinet picks like carly fiorina. rick perry, you remember, he ran against him. lets turn to nbc's kristen welker who's covering the latest, she's in washington, d.c. earlier today, mitch mcconnell says he supports senate investigation into the matter. what can you tell us? >> reporter: right, you have this divide. also john mccain and lyndsey graham saying there are an investigation into this matter. they don't necessary believe the
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cia and intelligence agencies when they say that they believe russia is behind the hacks. and more broadly that they believe russia tried to tip the scale in this. this could over shadow or taint his victory. it is important to point out that the cia never indicated that the russian hacking did tipped the scales and provide a motive for what they believed the russian government hacked or tried to -- and he said that look, it is digging deeper to determine what's happening to make sure if there is any a requirement that it does not
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happen again. we'll continue to get tough questions by this if congressional increase does go under way. kristen welker, thank you very much. i am joined now by sean spicer. it is nice to see you. >> good to see you, kate. lets start with this issue over the weekend of donald trump hacking question. senator mcconnell says he agrees with graham and mccain that there should be an investigation of this idea that russia interfered of this election. >> somehow republicans and senators are reluctant to review this topic or ignore them. i have a highest confidence in our intelligence community and agencies, the cia filled with many patriot and many risked their lives.
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>> did you agree with mitch mcconnell there should be a bipartisan investigation? >> yeah, and obviously, ensuring the highest level of integrity. there is no evidence what so ever that there is any i mpact f the election. and some of this sort of democrats still have yet to get over the election. they lost big. they need the get over it. democrats don't fill the cia, the cia -- it was not written by democrats. >> there are a lot of democrats who are pushing this and clearly bitter that they lost an election that they thought they're going to win. donald trump hit a nerve with the american people and you speak to the voice of the american people and win resoundingly in a way that all of you folks in the media did not get a shot of winning. now, there is a lot of trying to figure out, well, there is south
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side influence that we could start pointing to. i am not sure what step everyone is in their 12-step program. it is time to realize that donald trump won this election big time and we need to move on. >> with all due respect. senators who come out, you heard mitch mcconnell and lyndsey graham, those are republican senators saying this needs to be investigated on behalf of the american people. that there was hacking done by russian actors and they say that with a high degree of confidence. >> right, there is a difference between them attempting to hack something or having a discernible attempt and their ability to change the outcome. there is no question that they did not change the outcome. i think there is a lot of people mixing words here and the fact the matter is many countries tried to gain intelligence on other countries. did they have any impact in the
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election. i think it would be nice for folks in the left to admit that they lost and they were wrong. >> even if they did not have an impact on it. >> i have said it over and donald trump has said it and reince priebus has said it. no one should be interfereing the intelligence election. what's happening is there is this con exfolia-- we all agree should not happen. this attempt to deal the legitimatize of the outcome of the election, which a lot of folks in the media have tried to conflate, we need to be clear of how we describe what's going on. >> it was donald trump himself, yesterday, speaking on fox news on sunday who said he found this report from the cia which senators were briefed on. he found the conclusion
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ridiculous. he questions whether ted will w russians were involved in the hacking. people are responding to that. >> no, what they are responding and when folks on the right making arguments and the first thing is everyone in the media runs and show us your sources and move that this happens. we have a bunch of unnamed sources and somehow we are supposed to take that as gospel of truth. >> all the conclusions were predicated on the fact that the rnc was hacked. we are seeing continued reports by cnn and abc and some others. they're showing the fact that new york times was dead and wrong and it was not truth. the argument was the intelligence agencies concluded that the outcome was such based on the fact that the rnc was hacked and it does call into question of the intelligence and the conclusions they came to. >> are you saying that you don't trust the cia. >> stop doing that.
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>> that's not what i said? >> just a moment ago -- just a moment ago, you said three letter agencies with unnamed sources. that's why i am asking. >> no, tell me someone in the cia and giver me a name and publish the report. right now you start to see the reports. >> i have not seen the report. our sources have seen it and our nbc news have confirmed that the colon collusions was of russians of a high degrees of conference. >> the same sources -- >> and i am asking do you not believe that. >> can i answer the question? >> yes, absolutely. >> the same people presented by several news organizations said that the same people were concluding all of their conclusions were based on the fact that i am part the rnc was hacked and they walked that back in the course of the last 48-hour. is it the facts that we were
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initially presented to were not accurate. i does call into question and i find it interesting that you guys are not asking them to provide further proof of this. >> we are definitely. >> we would love to. >> you are asking me and questioning my -- >> of course, we are. we are trying to report it out in washington. i have numerous colleagues and i have been on e-mails all morning with colleagues reporting it ut. we do our best and we would love to have more information. the best is not that good. we are seeing major organizations walking back stories that are false. we have concerns of the sb integrity of reporting by sources. i am not questioning the cia or other three letter agencies. what i am requesting is some of the sources you guys are using. >> are you worried about the atmosphere that's created. i talked to a former cia
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official this morning who said they are shocked and disbelieved. those are his words over donald trump of what he's done and coming out of the public over i don't trust this and there is a career intelligence officials, does that concern you? >> no, i think that you guys have been going out and you cherry pick one or two of the same sources and provided faulty stories in the first places. of course, they'll be concerned because they did not have the full story. the reality is i am sure you can go out any scenario and cherry pick a bunch of people. the fact the matter is we are the ones that we prove those initial stories are wrong. instead of going back and questioning the sources that you guys have been using that are false. it will be interesting to admit that we were right in the scenario. >> let me go to a different subject. president-elect trump is expected to give a press conference on thursday and expect to lay out of his business. can you give us any kind of preview of what we'll learn
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about on thursday in terms of the running of his corporation. >> here is what i can tell you. >> donald trump has built witonf the most successful worldwide businesses it businesses. i think he has continued to go through with his employer and ensure a system is created when he becomes the president of the united states and while not required by law, he wants to ensure that the focus that he lays out is 100% of american workers and american business. he's going to do everything he can to ensure that he will wall off his business and create a system. his entire focus is to move our country forward. >> sean spicer. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, kate. you bet. >> nice to have you and our
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acting director and former deputy director of the cia under both presidents, the clintons and for years the bush. nice to have you with us. lets start where we left off with sean spicer. lets get your reaction of what's happening in the last 24 hours of donald trump dismissing the cia and "ridiculous, saying it is an excuse for democrats lost the election." >> that's regrettable. they should not be on the defensive and on the the offense s . i mean this is a problem for the nations. it is not a partisan issue.
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whether they succeed or not is irrelevant. the fact that they did interfere and that they may do so again because as far as i know we have not revealed, this to the public and have not taken any action. i found it stunning that he dismissed this and be little the professionals and the intelligence community, 16 age singl age -- agencies that dismissed it. >> was it 17 or 16? >> sean spicer with the rnc just said on the air that he thinks we in the media are cherry picking enwhpic picking when we talk to people. they are disheartening and worried and they are concerned that donald trump is going against the intelligence community or seems to be. he said we are cherry picking and that there is not that much
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worry. what are you hearing from people inside the cia. are they concerned? >> well, i am not talking specifically to people in the cia, we got so much to do and i intend to lever thave them alon. whatever that's opened up here is in everyone's interest. i agree with evelin in the sense that what needs to happen is what is already happening. the president has under taken an investigation to be completed by the time he leaves office. i believe this morning, the senate took a vow to do this same sort of thing. the kind of investigation that needs to be done. >> mitch mcconnell called for it. >> yes, we need to get to the bottom of this and again, to
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focus more in the future than the past. we can argue about what it was and there is some certainty and uncertainty >> what are the uncertainties. >> sean was shouting at me but i was just trying to get clarity. what do we not know and know. >> here is what i see at this point, kate. >> among the certainties. on october 7th, the director of national intelligence and secretary of homeland security put out a statement saying that intelligence community have concluded with high confidence that russians were interfering in our election. they did not give a motive and they did not speculate about the motive of what the russians were seeking to do. what i know to be the fact that it is very rare for the intelligence community to say anything with high confidence. these are precautions that they
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have taken religiously. therefore, they are very careful. here is what we know. with high confidence. i think we can put money in the bank that they can establish that the russians did something here. >> the russians' motives were, we are dealing with leaks. we don't know and i am sought to find out is a formal -- the memory of briefing were notes that someone on the hill that was written out and if it was a briefing and people hear things in different ways depending on where they stand and what their agendas are. we don't know what we are dealing with and what level of confidence and authority of cia. i am sure someone there, intelligent has a way to explain persuasively why they have said
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what they said. i think we need to get to the bottom of that in these inquiries and the president and the senate will have and we need to move quickly both the president elect and the intelligence committee to get back on the same page. >> i want to play a full clip on fox news. >> i want to ask you about your sk skepticism. you are getting the daily brief once a week. >> well, i get it when i need it. >> these are very good people that have giving me the briefings and i said if something should change from this point, immediately call me, i am available on one minute's
12:18 pm
notice. i don't have to be told and you know a know i am a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing and the same words everyday for the next eight years. >> my reaction is that the intelligence changes everyday and the president's daily briefs change daily. there are updates and operational situations. we have u.s. troops fighting and they are in combat and in afghanistan and in the middle east. a worldwide, we have them deploy so just to speak about what we are doing in the military sense. things going on worldwide. if you are the president, you need to have and need to be up to date and up to speed. evelin and john mclaughlin, former actor cia director. thank you very much both of you for being with us and giving us your perspective. >> thank you. >> trump takes on twitter and
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first it was boeing and now donald trump is going after lockett martin. he tweeted, f-35 prom and cost is out of control. billions of dollars can be saved. that tweet sent shares of lockheed martin shares down
12:23 pm
>> happy to see you and happy monday to you. >> talk about two things. talk about trump's strategy and how is lockheed martin responded. >> as you said, his shares went down following the president-elect tweet. and clearly has an impact for shareholders and martin has shareholders account to and answer to as well. so the ceo is clearly putting on the defense as we see this over the past couple of weeks. this is unprecedented for president of the united states to constantly single out companies and we see the reaction on wall street and companies clearly want to be on the good side of president-elect trump and not necessarily for how to respond these kinds of
12:24 pm
tweets. >> lets talk about rex tillerson, he was expected to be announced of secretary of state nothing is expected. >> and what are people saying of the choices that's chosen? >> it is interesting. i believe aside from henry kissinger, they known each other for decades and from a business perspective. people are perplexed and tillerson is well regarded and i remember covering the transition, it was one of the largest company. and somebody had written and
12:25 pm
exxon had a foreign policy of its own and many way not only aligning of the u.s. and what's concerned is whether or not tillerson is in favor of -- or whether he won't, they lost over a billion dollars from the deal and from the sanctions against ukraine and russia. the question is whether he approach this as as a diplomat or a businessman he's been the entire career. >> president-elect trump reportedly holding a summit on wednesday of this week of high-tech companies and big names like apple's ceo, jim coke and cheryl sandberg and it was set up by peter till with the exception of till. what's this about? is this donald trump trying to make nice?
12:26 pm
>> of course, we come to expect and you should not expect anything going into events with donald trump and the president-elect trump. we know that he in the past has sided with tech companies and praised them as far as the people they hired and how we should continue that approach and education. so it will be interesting to see if amends can be made. thanks so much, have a great holiday, my friend. lets get back to the russian hacked stories. thousands of e-mails have been released and there is still unclear damage of how much it is been done all politics aside, by
12:27 pm
colleague, kamaari melber, is h. >> on the indictment front, i was speaking to a former fbi special agent in charge in new york. he said with all crimes, your suspects are people who are near by enough to do it. and cyber crime, anyone, anywhere in the world with a laptop that knows how. the point there that they have a federal indictment hanging over them and that's the highest criminal standard which is why we see some reporting of discussing the idea of the fbi that needs to know of it. >> that's what they can do. what have they done so far. >> the executive side where you see more actions because that's not a trial and we do not need
12:28 pm
to observe all the protection. these were sanctions put by president obama. trump can undo them many times. and they barred u.s. economic activities and no trial or nothing and slap them with sanctions and they hit russians. u.s. financing over 17 russian banking companies and includi including -- they determined according to the u.s. that it was misappropriating you know cranium access. it was all live or die by the president's pence. >> meaning that trump can undo them? >> immediately. >> people question his orientation towards russia. >> ari melber, thank you very
12:29 pm
much. >> a neighborhood that's been held by rebels since 2012. this as isis retakes the city that's about 200 miles away from aleppo. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. a jury has convicted hayes. he was found guilty of attempted man slaughter for wounding smith's wife pack in april. hayes faces up to 40 years in prison. bill cosby is back in court tomorrow. >> a criminal trial is expected to start in june. he had all along denied all the allegations. it was a rough traveling weekend as snow and rain hit in the
12:33 pm
east. temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees below average in all of those regions. could the trump administration undo the iran nuclear agreement. benjamin netanyahu in an interview said there are way to undo the deal. >> i think the options we have are much more than you think and i will talk about it. >> like what? >> well, there is quite a few. >> there are various ways. >> you have something in your mind. >> give me one. >> i will let you talk to the president before i talk to "60-minute." >> he joins me now, live, from
12:34 pm
tehran. what are you hearing about the prime minister's comment. >> reporter: i can tell you, they are very nervous of renewed direction of the sanctions being imposed. so much that they held emergency sessions all of next week on what to do. the u.s. sanctions are expected to expired. iran should fire up this nuclear program at full speed. they are holding sessions on trump's choices for national security advisers and defense se secretary. that made the regimes here very nervous. the obama's honey moon is over and the regime is preparing
12:35 pm
themselves for a hard landing with trump. he cannot tear up the nuclear deal. in theory, he cannot tear up the deal but america can put out the deal and impose new angssanction iran. and put investors off and impossible for iran and putting it back in the same place it was before the deal was in. iran will restart the new starting program at full speed because they know it is their strongest bargaining. >> other news today, boeing beginning the week of a block buster announcement of a deal nearly of $17 billion iran air, they're going to build planes with them. >> what are the specifics? >> well, it is a huge deal for iran and they're going to buy 80 planes from boeing over the next
12:36 pm
ten years and worth almost $17 billion. it is the biggest commercial transactions between iran and the united states since the 1979 revolution and the storming of u.s. embassy. this is hugely significant for iran. boeing has said that this will create or support tens of thousands of skbrjobs of the un states. and iranians said it will create many jobs here. >> it is sure that iran is aging fleets of planes and desperately needs an upgrade because they have one of the worse aviation. this is something that iran desperately need. it remains to be seen. >> we are learning more of the church bombing in cairo that killed more than 20 people over the weekend a suicide bomber was responsible. a lot of news out of syria
12:37 pm
today, isis had retaken the ancient city of palmyra. it had control over 98% of eastern aleppo. lets start with cairo and the church and last night on nightly news, we were showing videos and talking to people where there were women and children who were there for sunday's mass. >> you go in and all kinds of activities. we are learning more of the investigation and questions of why the bomber was able to get inside the church. it is traditionally protected and had a lot of security outside and there is also police presence and why did the police not do their job in securing this particular church. egyptian president, identified the bomber that they did not
12:38 pm
associate any particular organization with it. egypt had been dealing -- some of t dealing -- some -- there are some indications that could be isis but we don't know yet and there is not enough evidence that have emerged yet. lets catch up with the words on the screen there. there is a lot going on in syria right now. >> yes, two fronts. one, you have the government over taking aleppo and controlling 98% of that. and the most important one in the country for the rebels and that seems to be falling entirely for the hands of the syrian government and allies. that's going to create the situation. also, on the other front, the syrian government is fighting isis and elsewhere. they lost that to isis. and they have managed to retake
12:39 pm
the ancient city that they have driven out of. this is considered a setback for the syrian military and the russians. their fight on isis on one front and they are making grounds on the u.s. it shows you how dynamic it is. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, what is the reaction in russia to report that trump will tap exxon's ceo and friends of vladimir putin to be secretary of state. we'll gaet a report from moscow we'll be right back.
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this should not be a partisan issue. he also went after some colleagues on his side of the isle, take a listen to what he said earlier today.
12:43 pm
>> if somehow republicans are reluctant to review russian topics or ignore them. last, let me say that i have the highest confidence in the intelligence committee and agencies, the cia and many of whom anonymously risked their lives for the fethe american people. >> donald trump calling the cia's conclusion of the russian government "ridiculous," what do you think? >> depends on what you are talking about. i am not sure what context he had that quote on. i have read numerous reports on this that says the consensus of the intelligence community that the russians chose a candidate and they came to a conclusion that we want this person to win and we want this person to lose och i am telling you that, it is not true and having sit on the intelligence committee and
12:44 pm
briefings on this and the last few days and briefings. there is no consensus, the intelligence community does not have this. >> to say otherwise, it is not the case. >> i want to be clear about this. you have had briefings over the past several days and i know you cannot talk about the content of those briefings. have you been briefed on the report of the washington post about this issue? >> well, again, they say there is a report and there really is such a report and they quote, in some of the places, there is a consensus among the intelligence community. again, i am telling you, that's not truth 6789 there e. i was in moscow and i came home and when i did, i spoke multiple times in the community saying the russians are going to try to interfere in our elections. they're going to try to under mind our faiths and trusts and
12:45 pm
those democratic institutions. we all need to support and have faith in if we are going to have to continue in. there is no question that they did that and try to break down that faith. there is never been a plan where they said we want mr. trump to win and we are going to release embarrassing information and put our thumb in the scale to make sure he does win. that's just a bridge too far at this point and by a long wave. >> do you believe that they did do some hacking. did you believe they hack in the dnc and rnc and not release rnc documents, or do you not believe that has happened? >> let me ask you this. motive me a logical information where they think the russians would rather be working with mr. trump. they knew secretary clinton.
12:46 pm
they knew what to expect with her. frankly, many view lead everier viewed that as a weakness. there is no question, he said, we are going to make the military stronger. there is no question, we are going to protect american's interest and making it the highest priority. if that's the case, it does not make any sense. you do seem to be saying something different than the president elect said in the interview on yesterday. we don't know who did the hacking or russia or other form of power or a good sitting in his bed is what donald trump said on fox news on sunday. you said you do believe it is the russians. >> what i am saying that the russians attempted to hack and as did the chinese and iran and any of our adversaries. i will let other spoke men in our intelligence community
12:47 pm
discuss with you who they think is successful in hacking. i will let them speak to themselves on that. >> but, once again, most americans, all of our adversaries are trying to hack and not just targeting the democrats and target any sorts of information that they can. but, i don't believe that they targeted one and try to release embarrassing information and protected by others. and senator mcconnell -- and calling on your side of the house, do you want a bipartisan investigation? >> well, if there is anything of bipartisan, if there is anything that's bipartisan, it would be our faith in the institutions that we rely on and our voting process. those of us in our house intelligence and community asking these questions last week.
12:48 pm
we certainly have answers and we want to do it in a pipe sbipart and in a non partisan. >> thank you very much for your time. >> appreciate. as we have been reporting, sources are telling nbc news that president-elect trump is expected to nominate rex tillerson as secretary of state and he's a bit of controversial because of his close ties with putin. russia's highest honor he was given to that was awarded. my colleague, richard engel, is joining us live now about the ties of tillerson and the russian government. >> reporter: well, it goes through a deal and it was going to go forward and a large state run oil company to explore and extract oil from the arctic and
12:49 pm
this was a deal that had been put on hold as relations between the u.s. and russia soured and and sanctions were put in place. there is a great hope among many russians and particularly with those of close ties of the kremlin that under a trump administration, oil ties can be revived and sanctions can be lifted and a much closer business to business relationship and not the kind of adversary relationship that russia has seen for many years and particularly over the last eight years. sm >> what are people saying of the stories we have been talking about, about this russian hacking or interference of the election here? >> reporter: oh, it is certainly is and leading the broadcast here. the broadcast here are laughing it off. they are denying that they had
12:50 pm
any involvement and if russians were involved, they were russians acting individually and they were not directed by the kremlin. they seem to be delighted of to the fact that the u.s. intelligence is scratching its head, trying to prove the case that russia was involved, but not wanting to reveal its cards because of not wanting to reveal sources and methods. russia is coming out very strongly denying it, but denying it with a certain degree of satisfaction, i would say. going bk to your guest, there is one thing he was talking about. there is plenty of evidence that cyber experts have found that the dnc act was carried out by russian-backed groups. apt 28 or 29 often known as fancy bear or cozy bear. there was very little doubt among the intelligence community and among the cyber security
12:51 pm
community that those groups, russian-backed groups were responsible for the dnc hack. the bigger question was intent. was it just to so chaos or designed to discredit hillary clinton to get donald trump elected? the question of motive was and remains to be is that is an open question, but not that the hack took place or what was behind it. >> great to see you. we'll be right back
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12:55 pm
he is probably going to pick exxon-mobil ceo for secretary of state and nothing is definite until it's definite. your reaction to tillerson? >> the confirmation process will be interesting in the context of the discussion of russia recently. this is someone who is clearly very, very capable who understands the world and world affairs. if he is chosen will be very, very influential within the administration at a time when we have instability around the world and international challenges. i think that it would be a strong pick and there are numerous other candidates who would also be very, very strong. he deserves the cabinet he wants, but in the confirmation process, it will be interesting. >> you have marco rubio expressing concerns. he was tweeting being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i am hoping for from a secretary of state. >> from exxon-mobil, he had to
12:56 pm
deal with foreign governments. you don't get to be in the oil business unless you are closely connected to the government. he was hired to be it is head of the giant gas company. they have a majority to be confirm and for any of the nominees, they have to hold on to the republicans and we have already seen senator rand paul threaten to oppose john bolton if he is nominated for anything. what it does is highlights that you need just about unanimous support with the republicans to have any cabinet pick confirmed. that's what the transition team is thinking about. >> i want to ask your headline on the russia hacking affair. >> had itself to be thoroughly investigated because it's not only the united states where they were engaged. we have numerous allies and
12:57 pm
france and germany have elections coming up next year. we can expect the same meddling. we should get to the bottom of it and understand all the tools that the russians used and publicize that. >> appreciate your time as always. we'll be right back. i discovered a woman my family tree, named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots.
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